1. Respect – Respect yourself, respect others and respect your environment through understanding your interconnection.
  2. Discipline – Discipline yourself to accomplish your goals, discipline yourself to maintain your balance, and discipline yourself to live your highest conviction through desire and determination.
  3. Responsibility — Take responsibility for your well‐being & happiness, take responsibility for your personal growth &
    development, and take responsibility for your personal safety by understanding and accepting your role.
  4. Reflection — Reflect on who you were first in your true nature,  remember the foundation on which you stand, and remember the force that’s inside of you through quiet reflection.
  5. Enlightenment —  Increase self-awareness through conscious awakening, self-examination and evaluation.
  6. Strategic Planning — Strategize methods to build better relationships, strategize methods to build resiliency, and strategize methods to stay strong, ready & flexible by using consistency.
  7. Passion— Pursue your dreams with passion & patience.
  8. Encouragement — Encourage others through empowerment.
  9. Creativity — Create opportunities for success by unleashing your imagination.
  10. Teaching — Teach others what you know and remain teachable through humility.