Marcus “Dr. Respect” Gentry is the founder and President of Marcus Gentry & Associates a Business service that develops and delivers programs that enhance wellness, personal and professional growth, empowerment and leadership; builds habits of success, improves organizational performance and increases workplace awareness through educational training programs. He has worked in the field of training, consulting and social services for over 25 years.

Dr. Respect is able to use his experience as a playwright and recording artist/entertainer to refine and refresh his methods of delivery. He is the writer, director, and producer of several theatrical productions that are educational in focus and historical in content. He is also the host of an Internet television program called, “Above and Beyond with Marcus Gentry” where he interviews educators, entrepreneurs, entertainers and everyday people who seek to live their life above and beyond mediocrity.

Mr. Gentry lends his talent and expertise to a variety of professional organizations, including the National At-Risk Education Network as a member of their advisory council and columnist for their newsletter, Silhouettes. He is also the vice-president of the Alliance of Chicago Trainers as one of their lead presenters. He has also served on the consulting team for the Social Service Department of Public Schools for Gary, Indiana.
Dr. Respect is a nationally and internationally acclaimed speaker, having presented on a variety Of topics such as Stress management, Team Building, Diversity, How to deal with Difficult people and RESPECT as a Global initiative. He has traveled along the east coast of Australia and Africa, from cities to small villages where he has provided lectures and workshops to teachers, students, religious leaders and various businesses. He was recently a presenter at the Hawaii conference for Diversity in front of an audience of military and civilian participants with rave reviews. He is currently one of the top requested speakers for the Department of Defense and their nationally recognized Yellow Ribbon Events.