Andrea Deese ” Woman of Respect” Shepard.
Crisis Intervention Specialist

An HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Manager for Aunt Martha’s’ Youth Service Center, Inc, Andrea, for the past six years, has provided HIV education, training and testing in the Southern Suburbs of Cook County. She is a presenter/speaker who is candid and very passionate about her work. She has 15 years experience in the health service field, she in an HIV case manager for HIV+ people. In addition to providing HIV/AIDS and STD awareness and prevention to the professional staff and volunteers at Aunt Martha’s, Andrea has extensive experience working with young people. She is very dedicated to the people she serves and takes an aggressive position in educating and advocating for people who are plagued with HIV.

AndreaDeese_img100In November 2002 she was nominated to receive the Red Ribbon Award for Illinois for her work in the community; and in 2003 she received the Martin Luther King Award for services she provides.

Andrea strongly believes that she has been blessed by God to have a passion for her work and that He has blessed her with the knowledge that she has. She strives daily to touch someone’s life in a positive way and to give words of blessings and encouragement.

In her spare time, she loves spending it with her sons, and is a mother and friend to many youth and young adults in her community. She also enjoys going to church and is involved in bowling.

Andrea also works with the team of Mastermind Productions, founded by Marcus Gentry. Her ability to communicate encouraging words, assist youth and young adults in making positive decisions and change humbles her that much more. “As a nurturer, it is my responsibility to educate, uplift and demonstrate what most adults will not take time to teach our children.” “It does take a village and it is my responsibility to motivate, teach, and love our children.” “I always felt and exemplified this, but being a part of Mastermind Productions allows me to do this with powerful men that I respect to the fullest. The team from MMP are ONE in presence, a family. She also performs in the Next Generation as Emmett Till’s mother, a female slave, and Angela Davis.