Many of us have been haunted by thoughts and feelings and old tapes playing in our sub-conscious, of not being good enough just as we are. These messages of the past tells us that to be our true authentic self would not be acceptable to others but most importantly, not acceptable to ourselves. So we attempt to create an illusion of who we actually are, then report out of that altered state of reality that we believe in “keeping it real”. We have operated this way so long that we no longer see ourselves as we actually are, but only a reflection.
The actual truth is that we are anything but authentic, on many levels. We dye, tint and rinse our hair to be a different color than it truthfully is. We put on make-up to alter our color and cover our skin’s actual look. We wear wigs, weaves, extensions,toupees, colored contacts, false nails and body shapers. We get perms, face lifts, botox injections and tans, while declaring to all who will listen that we “Keep it real”. What we are authentically expressing is that we feel on some level that we are not good enough as we are. We are saying that our Divine designed presence is somewhat flawed and that we need to alter it to an improved state while we say “God don’t make no mistakes”.
Now we develop relationships with people that match our deepest internal feelings and beliefs about ourselves, but that is disguised by our external costume. then we wonder why we are not satisfied. which feeds the sub-conscious thoughts that we must not be quite good enough.
When we can clear our self image of the old and new negative messages and the media distortions, we will then become aware of five key points.
1) You are good enough as you are and you have been Divinely created.
2) You will NOT be accepted by many if you don’t fit into the mold of conformity and commonality.
3) Awareness alone will not create change. (Talking about something and taking action is not the same).
4) Fear and comfort in the familiar will keep most operating in this state of illusion and become angry and offended with ANYONE who would try to clear their vision.
5) You are indeed beautiful and wonderfully made just as you are.
We were all born with an internal acceptance of who we are. So this feeling of not being good enough all comes from external sources. Someone else always profits from our lack of awareness, willingness and power to live according to our enlightened state of being…Always.
Just think for a moment about the “beauty enhancements” that you have literally bought in to. What is it REALLY costing you to maintain this presentation? I am not advocating to never use any “beauty enhancements”. I am a part of the same hypocrisy. I’m merely asking that WE ‘keep it real” with ourselves as to our authentic motivation.
Until we heal the child inside that feels he/she is not good enough then we will never be able to lose/gain enough weight, buy enough shoes, jewelry clothes cars, stocks, bonds, houses , STUFF. We will never be able to work enough, spend enough money, travel enough, take enough classes or have the kinds of relationships that are truly satisfying.
In order to operate Above and Beyond we must be willing to go deep within. Think of how the child inside of you was judged or punished when they attempted to present their authentic self, the part of you, that you now try to hide or cover up. What did you see, hear or experience happening to someone else who attempted to present their authentic self?
I’m speaking primarily of the physical aspects of who we are, but consider the costume you wear to cover your emotional or spiritual self (That’s another blog). Is this keeping it real enough for you?
The question that now stands is this. Now that you have read this, What are you prepared to do now?