’ve heard it said that we don’t stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing. When I was a child I remember coming in from the outside and my mother asking me what I was doing. My answer was the universal answer that most children gave, “I was playing”. An all inclusive answer that encompased running, jumping, asking questions, sports, laughing, talking with friends, using our imagination and pretending we owned different cars, going to the store to buy whatever we could actually afford and being happy about it, picking up sticks and rocks and not worried about our hands getting dirty, climbing trees, lying on the ground looking at the pictures that the clouds made,talking about what we wanted to do or be when we “Grew Up” with friends who shared their dreams, and we called all of this and more, “Fun”.

What happened to having “Fun” and “Playing”? Too many of us have sacrificed the above for what we call “Growing up”. We have made our hearts so heavy because we have had the child inside of us on punishment, and as Dr. King said, “You can’t keep someone down without staying down there with them”. We have been guilty of saying things like, “you can’t play and have fun because you have too much work to do, what would people say about you if you did this or that, even though it is not harming anyone, you’re too old, too fat, too skinny, not pretty enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, don’t drive the right car, don’t live in the right neighborhood, don’t dress well enough, don’t belong to the right religion and don’t have the right kind of friends to play and have fun anymore.” We tell that little boy or girl inside of us, to just sit down and be still because that kind of playing and fun is not for you. Not for you!!!

So now the child inside becomes angry at any and everybody else who seems to be having fun doing things that they are not allowed to do.THEN we wonder why we get mad sometimes so quickly for what appears to be the smallest thing to someone else. We wonder why we have internal discomfort, like ulcers, digestion problems, breathing disorders, anxiety attacks, headaches and so much more. That child inside want to come out and play so he/she is tearing up the house that you have imprisoned him/her in.

Let’s think and live above and beyond mediocrity by eating foods that can heal us from the inside out. Surround yourself with people and information that helps you to see your worthiness, be still long enough to remember what is actually fun for you and how to play, and last but clearly not least, let the little boy or girl inside of you come out to play again. Come out come out wherever you are. Remember that one?

We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.