Marcus (Dr. RESPECT) Gentry has over 30 years of experience in his field. Listed below is a very small sample of previous/present contracted work.

Marcus Gentry & Associates remains active in the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM).

Department of Defense – Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

Provide Nationwide Assistance to National Guard Reserve members and their families through the various phases of deployment.

Summit Education Group of Colorado

Provide consulting services throughout the state of Colorado for staff implementation of the Ten Principles of Respect and other teaching methods

Medgar Evers School of Chicago (Middle School)

Crisis intervention:

Taught 6th, 7, & 8th grade students the Ten Principles of Respect

Professional development in-services for staff & faculty

marcusgentry_Prairie State College

Prairie State College

Prairie State College

Providing numerous CEU classes in Chicago and surrounding cities

for nurses, social workers, case managers & administrators

Mackay, Cairns, and Sydney Australia’s School System

Professional development training for administration and staff

Kenya, Africa

College student training sessions (Ten Principles of Respect)


Diversity workshops

Riverdale, IL Police Department

Teaching Life Management Strategies to first offenders

Chicago Public School System

Multiple workshops & in-services (staff and students)

including resiliency training

Juvenile Detention Center of Chicago

Life management Strategies

American Association of Service Coordinators

Stress management and customer service skills

Army Substance Abuse Program

Resiliency training and team building


KEYNOTE ADDRESSES (this list is just a sampling)Marcus Gentry Events

  • National At-Risk Education Network Annual Conference
  • Annual NARENWICH Conference
  • Illinois Association of Service Coordinators Conference
  • Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse



Currently Marcus Gentry, as a Life Management specialist, is  focusing on the 5 basic dynamics of life using Universal principles.


The category focus is on increasing self-awareness and creative teaching and learning methods


This category focuses on a variety of methods for improving communication skills

Conflict & Confrontation

Sessions include, but are not limited to: Conflict resolution, Crisis intervention, and Service Recovery


Establishing healthy professional and/or personal bonds in organizations, schools, communities and families

Transition Management

Maintaining organizational balance, health, and sanity in a changing environment



  • Life Changing Lessons from the Airport (The Dynamics of how to increase the success of your life’s journey)
  • The Driver’s License Test for Relationships (How to create and maintain healthy relationships)
  • Building Resiliency: The 3 points code for surviving and thriving
  • Crisis Intervention Strategies: S.C.R.E.A.M. (What to do when all else fails)
  • The Ten Dominant Principles of Respect (Effective strategies for teaching at-risk youth)
  • Understanding and Reducing Anger
  • Improving the Customer Service Experience
  • Successfully Coping with Stress (The Triple A Plan)
  • The Universal Principles of Team Building
  • A Fresh Look at Addictions



P.O. Box 278036 Riverdale, IL 60827

Agency Contact: or 800-796-1990