Ernest Nyingi Irungu
Ambassodor of Respect In Africa

I am a realistic journalist who wants to tell of the good things that are happening in Africa, in the lives of people and create a great loving community.ErnestIrungu_img100

I hope to, and purpose to sensitize the society on areas of need and how to find solutions through empowering them and connecting them to people who can help them. I am communicating the value that man has been created by God, and how they should live without fear or doubt that they were made good enough black, blue, green and white.

I have written especially for men in magazines and shared with men both personally and in meetings about becoming the men they were made to be. I am working on stories on video about what men can offer in this father-son deficient era.

I have written for the reason of communicating truth and will continue to do so.

Ernest Nyingi Irungu
+254 0724377455
Box 4332 (01002) Thika, Kenya