LamontBrown_img100Lamont “The Motivator” Brown is the Global Director of Training for A Mastermind Creation. Challenges and adversity are no stranger to this Chicago native. Raised in Harvey, IL, Lamont Brown experienced a lot of success athletically. However, while attending Brooks Jr. High School, he had difficulty dealing with his mother being on drugs, his stepfather leaving and his biological father in and out of jail.
While at Thornton High School, he began to give in to the pressures of street life, where he found himself in handcuffs over 20 times. Although he was a convicted felon twice, he was fortunate to escape the penitentiary by successfully completing sixty months of strict probation. Unfortunately, he had several close friends that received jail terms ranging from 3 to 30 years.
In addition to having a second chance, Lamont was fortunate to witness his mother delivered from drugs and to reunite with both fathers. In the midst of negativity, Lamont decided to change his life and become an example of hope to many. He wanted to become successful so that he can reach back into the communities of the world and say, “If I can do it, you can too”.
Lamont’s accomplishments are astounding. Over the past few years, he has spoken to thousands of individuals across the world on entrepreneurship, team building, overcoming cultural diversities, motivating the motivator and much more. He has empowered students and staff in the Chicagoland area on every level, ranging from elementary schools to universities. Lamont has dedicated his life to helping people reach success in every aspect of their lives.
Lamont is a graduate of Cains Barber College and Co-Owner of SuperNatural Cuts Barber & Beauty Salons. In 2004, he was the recipient of a very distinguished award given by his alma mater, Thornton Township High School (21st Century). In March of 2006, Lamont also received an award from Toastmasters International for advancement in an International Speech Contest. In that same year, within a four-month span, he also received over 20 awards recognizing his speaking ability. He is the Global Director of Training for A Mastermind Creation, a company known for the “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” program. As a member of Tabernacle of Life in Holiness Church, Lamont has also received several awards for his hard work and dedication.