Kim “The Coach” Olver
Expert Relationship Coach

Kim Olver has been involved in the helping profession for over 20 years. Actually, she knew in the fifth grade that she would become a helper to others when many schoolmates would seek her out for advice, typically regarding budding “romantic” relationships. Her empathic understanding, supportive manner and practical solutions to problems made her the coach of choice even then.

KimOlver_img100Kim is the author of Leveraging Diversity at Work and the author of the in print books, Empowerment Parenting and Relationship Empowerment. She is a member of the American Counseling Association and a certified reality therapy instructor with the William Glasser Institute. She has provided training to thousands of people in Glasser’s ideas that gave birth to the concepts she teaches now: “Inside Out Empowerment.” She helps others make positive changes and triumph through difficult periods of their lives. She was a resident counselor in college, worked on a crisis hotline, worked in a residential program for adult mental health consumers, worked in a residential program for teens in out-of-home placement, counseled survivors of child sexual abuse, and for the past 10 years, taught other helpers to do what she does using the principles of Choice Theory (CT).

n 1987, Kim had her first exposure to Dr. William Glasser’s CT and it has been making all the difference in her life. It was CT that gave Kim the inner strength she would need to manage the events that life had in store for her. While committed to very rewarding work in the field of child welfare, it was necessary to practice CT principles to prevent stress and burnout. At the age of 34, she learned her husband had a terminal illness and by age 38, she was raising two teenage boys alone. CT helped through that period. Then, some time after that, she reentered the dating world after a 16-year marriage. This may have been the biggest challenge of all—to stay the person she wanted to be and manage the disappointments and heartaches involved in attempting to find the right person to share her life. Currently, CT is assisting her to accept her youngest son’s deployment to Iraq.

Kim is an expert in relationship, parenting and personal empowerment. She works with individuals who want to gain more effective control of their lives and relationships, and who would like to achieve greater satisfaction and heightened contentment. What makes her services different from other relationship experts is that she helps her clients tap into their internal power source by focusing only on those things they can change, and as a result, her clients become empowered so they can deliberately create the life and relationships they deserve.