Marcus Gentry & Associates
Questionnaire for Speaking Engagement


1. Name of School/Organization:

2. Contact Person:

3. Phone Number:

4. Location of Presentation:

5. Requested Date and Time:

6. Alternate Dates:

7. Topic(s) Requested:

8. Length of Presentation:

9. Number of Presentations:

10. Anticipated Audience Size:

11. Due to a Wide Range of Presentation Options, What Have You Budgeted for this

12. What is the theme/mission of your school/organization?

13. What are the basic demographics of your audience?

14. What is the desired outcome for your audience? What do you want them to do, think, and feel differently?

15. Is attendance at my presentation mandatory?

16. What should I know about the audience prior to presenting my program? Are there problems, competition, resentment or peer pressure that I should know about?

17. Are there any significant events that have impacted your audience over the past year?

18. Please list some industry-specific terms, phrases, jargon or acronyms I might incorporate into my presentation.

19. On the day of my presentation, what other speakers will be presenting? What are their topics and are they speaking before or after my presentation?

20. List the names and titles of any VIPs you want me to acknowledge.