A MasterMind Creation

Connecting with students through dramatization

Informative, captivating, and inspiring are just a few words to describe the performances of A MasterMind Creation. The group comprised of creative and energetic performers bring notable historical figures to life through dramatization. One minute the students are watching Dr. Martin Luther King as a youth, and the next minute the performer has fast forwarded to Dr. King delivering the powerful “I Have a Dream” speech.

Marcus Gentry as Dr. King

A MasterMind Creation was founded by Marcus Gentry in 1991 in order to facilitate empowerment and leadership workshops for corporations, schools and community groups. According to Gentry, “our mission is to basically increase the participants overall awareness, improve decision making capabilities, assist in encouraging their analytical thinking and elevate their self-esteem through respect.”

Discipline and respect are the foundation for all the group’s sessions. When delivering historical performances to students, Gentry states, “you can sense that these student’s emotions are being triggered beyond the content that they hear.” Many students can relate to some of the pain, loss, suffering, and accomplishments that others have experienced. These performances create leaders and motivate students to pursue their academic goals.

Students participating in A MasterMind Creation interactive program will develop skills in:

  • Strategies for Surviving Day to Day crises
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Meeting Challenges: Seeing and Seizing Opportunities
  • Setting Priorities
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Enhancing Communication
  • Decision Making and Articulation

The sessions are conducted by full-time professionals who all have a desire to give back to the community and a passion to educate students about the limitless opportunities available to them if they focus their energies. According to program volunteer, David Giles, “youth participating in A MasterMind Creation’s trainings are better prepared for the rigors of post secondary education and successful living in general because they have honed their ability to meet challenges, set priorities, communicate, make decisions and articulate their point of view. All of which are valuable leadership skills in academia, in the workplace, at home, in the community and in society.”

Giles continued by stating, “it is crucial that schools and community organizations begin to look differently at how we prepare our children for life. We are losing them in record numbers. We must encourage them to develop analytical thinking skills so that they can transfer lessons learned in the classroom into real world practical applications. The empowerment and leadership workshops offered by A MasterMind Creation are one way.”

For more information about A MasterMind Creation and services offered, contact Marcus Gentry at (800)796-1990 or email respect@marcusgentry.com.