This is the warning that has gone out with urgency to Americans but also recommended for other citizens of the world, after the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The critical missing piece of information is, what does that actually mean for you? Should you avoid travel? Do you need a hard hat and safety glasses? Would it be wise to stay out of large crowds? Should you arm yourself and family? Do you need to look at your fellow travelers with one of your eyebrows raised higher than the other one? Although some of the suggestions may be comical, do you have a better plan in mind?

A wise African proverb says ” You can’t build a shield on the battle field”.  As we who think and live above and beyond mediocrity, we know that such important matters can’t be left up to speculation or last minute reactions out of desperation, if we expect to be successful. It is wise for us then to be proactive by asking the difficult questions, seeking the answers and creating realistic strategies that are in line with our values and skill set. Then lastly making sure that those whom we walk with, be that our friends or family, know what we know… just in case.