I extend respect and congratulations to those who read and discussed part 1 of the 15 questions. Again these questions are designed for honest reflection, first individually, then discussed together. The A B C’s of relationships has to do with in part, understanding The Attractions, The Business and the Keys for maintaining consistent compatibility.

This is part 2…If you dare.

#6 – In order of priority, whose happiness are you most concerned with and why, yours, your partners or your children if this applies?

#7 – Please list the following relationships according to importance to you as of today. With the most important being at the top. Your career, your partner, your children, your extended family or your Religion/God? Do you expect to change that after you make the commitment to your partner?

#8 – Are you both attracted to each other for the same reasons and does that matter? Do you know why your partner is attracted to you?

#9 – What percentage does the opinion of the following individuals determine your relationship decisions? Your parents, Your Partner, your children, your religion/God, your friends? Are you ok if your partner’s answer does not match yours?

#10 – If your reason for commitment/marriage is based on love, then is that love unconditional or is it based on certain conditions? If so what are they?

Part 3… coming soon