This is the final portion of the three part questionnaire. As mentioned in part one, most will likely not answer the questions and of the few that do, even less will have the honest discussion with their potential partner. Most likely if you feel that the questions are too detailed and requires too much work then you may not be ready to put in the work necessary to establish and maintain the long, committed, happy and healthy relationship that you have been asking and looking for. Wishing you the best.  Now you may answer the final questions…if you dare.

11) Do you believe that honesty or transparency is ALWAYS the best policy? If no then what are your exceptions and is it necessary that you and your partner agree on this?

12) Are you willing to act in your own best interest concerning your relationship even if it conflicts with social, cultural or religious expectations? Give an example.

13) If you and your partner face a challenge in your relationship, are you willing to seek council? Is it necessary that you both agree on who each of you seek council from?

14) What fears if any, do you have concerning this relationship? Do you plan to address them or ignore them and hope they resolve themselves? If your plan is to address them, how will you do that?

15) Since change is constant and inevitable, what strategy do you plan to use to maintain compatibility as you both grow and change?

Bonus question (optional) For you, does marriage or commitment in a relationship mean forever? If not, at what point is it acceptable to end it?

Congratulations to all who made it to this point.

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