I have compiled a list of 15 questions around the business of relationships. These questions are primarily for anyone seriously considering marriage/committed relationship. The questions are designed to be answered individually then discussed together…if you dare. Most never complete the questions and the few that do complete them, rarely discuss them honestly together. Fear and denial are the most common causes of this, however all of the questions are related to issues that will arise at some point during a relationship. It was my intention to create this questionnaire to serve as a mirror for honest self reflection and discussion, so that these matters may be addressed prior to the wedding day or vow of commitment and therefore increase your chances of establishing and maintaining a successful relationship.

Due to the intensity of the questions they are broken into 3 parts each consisting of 5 questions. If you are ready, you may begin part 1.

Question 1). Why are you getting married/committed? What does marriage/commitment mean to you? Are you both in agreement with that definition?

Question 2) Once you make your vow of commitment does that mean that you will give up your free will to do whatever you choose and to what extent? Are you both in agreement?

Question 3) Is the success of your relationship dependent on God being in the relationship? What does your answer mean to you? Are you both in agreement?

Question 4) Why do most friendships last longer than most marriages and committed relationships? How does your answer apply to your relationship?

Question 5) Do you expect to have your partner satisfy all of your needs physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually? If not which ones apply? If the time comes when your partner is no longer willing or able to satisfy you as they previously did, how do you plan to handle that?If the time comes when YOU are no longer willing or able to satisfy your partner, how would you like your partner to handle that?

Part 2 coming soon…