We will often hear expressions like “keep it real” or “I’m gonna just be real with you” or we may watch the so called “Reality TV shows”. However there is a myth about this supposed reality. That myth is that all reality is the same truth for all, as well as one reality is known and accepted by everyone. The way of the Toltec Warrior says that “we suffer because we believe what we know”. The further discussion on the subject suggest that what we know are our beliefs, which is not only limited to what we have been exposed on tell-lie-vision and other media trickery but most of our beliefs have been given to us by opinionated people sharing their beliefs. Time and experience has shown that perception shapes our reality until it conflicts with natural laws of the universe. The myth of reality.

Recently I attended a presentation on Alzheimer’s patients and it was said that the patients are often experiencing a different reality than that of the care provider. The statistics say that 38% more care providers will die, than the patients themselves, largely from trying to get the patients to change from their new perception of reality, or continue to accept their past reality. Therefore what is MOST important Perception or Reality? The speaker said that when you acknowledge the patients perception of reality a greater peace results for all. So how do you “keep it real” now? The myth of reality.

If a persons actions based on their perception does not interfere with your life, then what’s the problem? Ahhhh maybe you need others to accept your reality/perception so you can control them? After all statistics show that 90% of the population is looking to follow someone or something rather than put in the work and experience the challenge of searching for and looking in the face of truth. The other 10% of the population knows this and have found multiple ways to profit from this knowledge.

The myth of reality. Can something be a reality that has not happened yet? How many people base their lives on that thought and call it faith? Richard Pryor said in one of his older albums ” tell me some more lies so I don’t have to think about the truth” MAN did he get his wish, with Reality TV,Religions,commercials, billboards etc.wow. In the movie “A Few Good Men” Jack Nicholson’s character said “YOU can’t Handle the Truth”. King Solomon was quoted in part as saying “There is ONE eventuality… for us all” wise,stupid, black,white,rich or poor. It seems that many of us shape our reality on what is comfortable or familiar to us. Be that truth or not. There are more similarities than differences between human beings but we judge,condemn and KILL others based on our perceived reality about us and them. Minister Louis Farrakhan says that at birth and death we universally make the same sound. The divisions in people come with the perceptions we accept as realities and our actions based on our perceived realities. Then some even say their actions were GOD given (That’s another blog).

As we strive to operate Above and Beyond average it would be good to remember that OUR reality is not that of everybody else and their reality is as real to them as ours is to us. What’s the reality of all of this? You tell me.