The beauty of the Rose and the strength of the mighty Oak tree is often admired but seldom is it appreciated while their seeds are underground.

For a certainty, their survival is based or their instinctive mastery of the skill of selective abstraction. They are surrounded constantly with elements that harm and heal. So there has to be a daily selection of the nutrients that will be beneficial, and a vigilant resistance to things that would be counter productive. They must then abstract from all possibilities, only that which is for their good. All of that happens instinctively due to their internal intelligence. That constant battle is not visible to the average observer. However we admire the strength and shade of that mighty Oak or the sweet fragrance and beauty of the Rose without knowing all that it has gone through to exist as we see it.

We experience much of the same. As we are developing into the Mighty Oaks and beautiful Roses of this society. we must be vigilant in our resistance of counter productive influences while being sensitive to individuals and resources that will be beneficial to our growth. During our unique development, most will not know the challenges we go through to become who they see and admire. Sadly, many do not fully develop into their greatest potential because they die in the daily struggle, Intellectually, Physically, Emotionally or Spiritually.

You never know who may need exactly what YOU have to offer in order for them to blossom.

As we seek to live above and beyond mediocrity take time to Breathe. Breathe in Peace and positive influences and breathe out words and deeds of healing to the Roses and Oak trees that are not yet visible to the untrained eye.

Know this day that I see you. I see you in your growth as were intended to be, the beautiful Rose and the Mighty Oak. RISE UP, Rise Up, Rise Up!