Is life on this planet self perpetuating? Which would mean that what we see and experience is the birth and recreation of what lived before us? Which will include the good,the bad and the Ugly.What prompted this is my observations below.

When I look at nature I see cycles that cause me to question our current concept of death. What if nothing or no one really dies or disappears completely, only changes forms? What dies? Grass? Or does it change forms and blend into it’s foundation to live again in another form? Trees? Do they die or change forms, blending into their original foundation? Water, coming in the form of rain, evaporating to the clouds only to return as rain? What of an animal killed and consumed by other animals or humans(You are what you eat, or is that just a figure of speech) is the animal gone or has it only changed forms,now becoming a part of the consumer?

Now more personally. What about a family member or friend described as being lost in death? Of course there is the physical decomposition which returns to the foundation of the earth in the regular cycle of life. However in the memory, habits, character traits, philosophies do they live on? Is a part of your Grandparents and parents living in you, or is that just a figure of speech? Have you ever done something or acted in a way that made you feel like you were someone else? Maybe your mother or father? Or more critically have you behaved in a particular manner and someone else told you, that is EXACTLY the way a past family member whom you have NEVER met, acts? Scary? Maybe not.

Instead of seeing a person as being gone completely in death in the traditional sense. What do you think would happen if you thought above and beyond and saw the essence of the person in and around you now, instead of only waiting and hoping to see them in the “Here After” Just a few thoughts for consideration.