A book by the title above was written by Neale Donald Walsch. The content of this book is consistent with the lessons in nature. As the seasons change the environment adapts to remain functional. If not during that time then at a later time. An easy example of this would be water. When it gets cold,  it becomes solid.When it gets hot, it turns to steam. It always adapts accordingly. The trees and plant life also changes as the environment impacts it. However when it comes to the human species because of fear, choice and habit, we too often become rigid in our ways of thinking and living. We experience stressful thoughts when things change in our life that we expected to be constant and  we refuse to adjust whats going on in our head to match what is happening in the  reality of our real world. Then sometimes we make the futile request, that things just stay the way they were, when we know that all things without exception is always is a state of change. Nothing is today as it was yesterday, nothing.

The remedy to  alleviate the frustrating feeling of things changing outside of our expectations is to embrace change and become like the stream that flows over rocks, trees, valleys and mountains. It bends with every turn of the landscape. If we can be flexible in our thinking we will as Maya Angelou says, “Be able to create new scenarios as frequently as we need to…” To master this skill will take time, so we must respect the process of mastery and be patient as we grow. These things we can do only if we are willing to think above and beyond mediocrity.