To love someone physically,emotionally,spiritually and Intellectually and have them love you the same in all those areas is quite an undertaking to find. In fact I don’t know any couple who can say that they both love each other the same in all four of those areas.Yet years sometimes a lifetime is spent looking for that ONE man or woman who has EVERYTHING for you, and you have EVERYTHING for them. Is it possible that one of the reasons for the high and rising divorce rate is that people are trying to accomplish the above, and when it does not happen in all areas they leave? Were their standards too high? Did they settle too soon, or did they ask the questions too late? Do you believe in the all or nothing concept?

Let’s look at it for a minute. Physical: loves the way your partner looks. Physically appealing to the eye and sexually compatible. Intellectual: Able to communicate on any subject comfortably with each other. Provides mental stimulation and refreshment. Not intimidated by either ones knowledge. Spiritual: Each shares the same basic belief in spiritual principles that govern life, treatment of people, the purpose of life, death, family and a Higher Power. Emotional: The heart felt connection that generates passion that is unconditional.

Let’s pretend that you have found that ONE person. What do you believe you both are suppose to do now? Is the pinnacle of that relationship marriage? Where did you get that idea from? What if everything is there but one area, what then? Which area can you do with out? Are you sure? Will you get that area met with someone else or just live without it or maybe keep searching for the all inclusive person?

Above and Beyond challenges you to answer those questions honestly and see where your answers take you. Maybe share it with a couple considering marriage. It is the belief of Above and Beyond that the things that we NEED are never far away just like the air we breath.