Our Mission

Our Mission is provide worldwide motivation through education and individual empowerment using universal principles.

Marcus Gentry & Associates is dedicated to providing specially tailored workshops, programs and presentations for your specific needs.

Our Goal

Marcus Gentry & Associates is dedicated to providing specially tailored workshops, programs and presentations for your specific needs. If you are interested in a topic not listed below, we will develop your topic of interest to deliver a unique and exciting experience.

Our Leaders

Lamont Brown
Lamont BrownThe Motivator
Lamont Brown is the Global Director of Training for A Mastermind Creation. Challenges and adversity are no stranger to this Chicago native.
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Andrea Deese
Andrea Deese Crisis Intervention Specialist
An HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Manager for Aunt Martha’s’ Youth Service Center, Inc, Andrea, for the past six years, has provided HIV education, training and testing in the Southern Suburbs of Cook County.
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Ernest Nyingi Irungu
Ernest Nyingi IrunguAmbassodor of Respect In Africa
I am a realistic journalist who wants to tell of the good things that are happening in Africa, in the lives of people and create a great loving community.
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Expert Relationship Coach
Kim Olver has been involved in the helping profession for over 20 years. Actually, she knew in the fifth grade that she would become a helper to others when many schoolmates would seek her out for advice, typically regarding budding “romantic” relationships.
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Dr. Richard Doss
Dr. Richard DossClinical Psychologist
Dr. Richard Doss is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works for the Veterans Administration Vet Center. He is also a former Department of Defense Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the United States Army Reserve.
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Jerome Malone
Jerome MaloneSound Technician/Music Producer/Video Editor
Jerome Malone grew up on the South Side of Chicago. As a child, he has been involved in music creation and music theory and while in high school he played in band with the low brass section, drum line, jazz band and many other roles.
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The part of this workshop that was most useful to me was the part where we need to be ‘above the rim’ in everything we do in life and to never give up no matter how hard the times may be. We touched on real life experience and problems. This seminar was the best decision I made and I would do it over and over again if I could.”

Diva Turner, Chicago, IL

I would highly recommend Marcus, his enthusiasm is contagious – he not only knows his content he knows how to share it in a very attention-grabbing way

Tony Barrett - Director Quality Improvement

I enjoyed the entire workshop. Most useful was the affirmations and the proactivity part of the workshop.

Marva McMurtry, Chicago, IL

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. as our acronym encompasses all of the below:
Remembering our ancestry and foundation
Elevating our understanding
Staying strong and staying ready and flexible
Pursuing our dreams with passion
Encouraging others
Creating opportunities for success
Teaching others what we know

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